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2018 iPhone 6 shoot

A new and streamlined production solution which maintains the integrity of high production values at a fraction of the expense. Multi-tasking is the new norm and i-OB is the solution




 i-OB is a methodology based purely around the iOS operating system and taking advantage of its unique ability to handle video and audio in complete synchronization. i-OB represents a new way to achieve multi-camera shooting for TV. Whether it is live streamed (HD) or post-produced (HD or UHD), i-OB can be operated by a single person. Up to 8 cameras can be panned, tilted and zoomed from a single operating platform.  Not only this; the operator can, apart from switching cameras, run in VTs, drop in name straps, bugs, lower thirds and even music beds. 


The system uses iPhones, which are of course very small compared to traditional broadcast cameras, and thus opens up an array of possibilities for mounting cameras in normally inaccessible places.  Using 13Pro & 12Pro Max iPhones  the image quality is superb and with the addition of external “Moment” wide and x 2 lenses the variety of shots is further increased. Currently the system has 6 x UHD capable cameras and 4 x HD-only mini cameras (iPod touch) which are extremely suitable as instrument cameras on music shoots, with further UHD cameras coming soon. Oh, and by the way, they can all be wireless! The iPhone  


All that is required on site is a 13a socket and a decent internet connection for live streaming. In the event that there is no internet, a LiveU bonded LTE system can be hired and i-OB has a “Jonathan Ross” solution (last resort) for emergencies: a single sim 5G/4G mobile router (although the nature of mobile networks does mean that this cannot be seen as a guaranteed solution). 




i-OB is ideally suited for any number of programme formats including cookery shows, chat shows and even stage productions, but where it really comes into its own is in stand-up comedy, music and intimate theatre. Due to the size of the component parts, cameras on stage are almost invisible, and with a gimbal any handheld camera operator will just disappear into the audience. PTZ cameras run on external batteries for up to 8 hours and fixed cameras can run on PoE (power over ethernet). i-OB is also the perfect solution for pilots, proof of concepts and casting sessions


For concerts and festivals, i-OB also offers a wirecam system and PTZ track system, although these do need their own operator. By mid-summer it will also be possible to power the system from solar panels or provide a UPS when on mains power. 


i-OB carries a small amount of audio equipment but generally it is normal to take a feed from the PA or other mixing position. More complex audio solutions will require the addition of an Audio Engineer. Similarly, i-OB carries a small amount of LED lighting for simple 1 + 2 or 3s but anything more complex should involve a Lighting Technician. 


It doesn’t end there though. What about documentary and drama? Well, i-OB can offer multicamera shooting in UHD and Log, so post-production grading can be achieved. But not only that; a choice of frame rates including 24, 25, 30, 50 and 60 can all be utilized in UHD. Shooting each take with multiple cameras reduces the number of takes needed to cover all shots. Shoot dialogue and reaction at the same time; shoot a mid-shot and a wide at the same time. The Director can monitor at least 4 cameras whilst maintaining their position out of shot. 


Want to shoot single camera EFP? i-OB can offer full DCI 4K with interchangeable EF lenses using a DoF (depth of field) adapter: follow in the footsteps of Zack Snyder and Steven Soderbergh and make movies on an iPhone! i-OB now offers 2 iPhone 12 Pro Max cameras to shoot full DCI 4K 4:3 anamorphic in HDR.


Whatever your needs and whatever your budget (within reason), i-OB can find a solution for your production. Having now partnered with Helion SPS, Inside Broadcast is currently working on several development ideas involving iPhone production and would be happy to discuss any project ideas you may have.


During Lockdown Inside Broadcast teamed up with Mutt & Jeff Pictures to work on a commission from BSLBT called "2 Deaf Yorkshiremen in Lockdown". The resulting programme was broadcast on Channel 4 and Sky on Monday 5th October 2020 and can be seen online on the BSL Zone here: https://www.bslzone.co.uk/watch/two-deaf-yorkshiremen-in-lockdown

During the second lockdown we teamed up with Peer Productions and Serpent films to shoot "Hidden", a multi camera theatre production, directed remotely via Zoom.


During the latest lockdown we streamed a live performance by Finn Askew