Following the success of the short film  the feature length Hum is now in pre-production and close to starting shooting. Inside Broadcast is proud to have been a

part of its success.

Inside Broadcast has teamed up with Helion SPS and is currently carrying out R&D into smart phone production both for post produced documentary and reality shows as well as live broadcasting and news gathering.


Inside Broadcast is a stakeholder member of the Network Hub of the Media Road Project. The European media sector can benefit from closer collaboration, joint research, information sharing and project initiation to address the challenges of the digital era. Although media organizations currently network within specific clusters, there is a need for a cross-cutting forum that reaches from broadcasters to technology providers, content creators, new media companies and academics. Being a part of the discussion and research into the way new media and technology is used in the broadcast future is an integral part of the service we offer to clients.